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Vrischika Rashi 2017 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Scorpio Zodiac in 2017 – How will be year 2017 for Vrischika Rasi?

In 2017, people born in Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign) will face some tough situatinos. There will be serious issues at workplace and with your job. Your enemies will trouble you. Detail Vrischika Rashi Astrology Predictions for 2017 is given below. January, July and December 2017 are good months. February, March, June, August, and November will be tough periods. April, May, September and October 2017 will be both good and bad.

Career – Some of you will get transfer orders to a distant place. Promotion will be delayed but you will get it in this year. Pending cases related will go against your favour. Those looking for jobs abroad will face some disappointments. Good year for writers, artists and doctors. You will be able to complete projects successfully. You will be given important assignments. You can expect some unexpected trouble at the workplace. Some might change jobs. Luck in government related career matters.

Finance – Some of you will start the construction of a new house. Financial decisions should be made after consulting people with knowledge in the field. People might try to cheat you in financial matters. Ancestral property will be divided. Lost financial documents will be retrieved. You will get money from unexpected quarters. You will renovate house or repair old vehicle. Delay in buying new home or property. Some of you will change your current residence. New house construction will move ahead smoothly.

Personal Life – Functions will be held in the family in the beginning of the year. You will decide to work with family members in matters in which you had different opinion earlier. Those in love or relationship will have a good year and some will decide on marriage. You will be bothered by gossips and scandals. Couples might stay away on account of misunderstandings – such issues will be solved soon. Those working in distant location will come back to home. Marriage will be fixed and held in this year. Change of residence for some. You will meet old friends. You will discover about old relatives. Some of you will undertake pilgrimage.

Business – You will move into a better office. You will win in auctions. You will shed laziness and will restart your business with new vigour. Business disputes will be settled with the help of a mediator. You will make changes in your business style. Not a good year for those in automobiles and other such businesses.

Health - Health will be fine. Some of you will be troubled by eye related health issues. Some of you will escape from accidents. But need to be careful while travelling in vehicles.

Students will show remarkable progress in higher studies. You will perform well in competitions.

Remedy - Offer prayers to personal deity daily. Read Bhagavad Gita. Observing vrat dedicated to Ganesha is good.