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Vishaka Natchathiram 2017 Palan – Vishaka Natchathiram or Birth Star Palangal in 2017

As per 2017 Palan, Vishaka Natchathiram will have positive year. Health will improve. Students will show interest in studies. There will be financial gains. Astrology Predictions or palangal for Vishaka Natchathiram for 2017 is given below. January, April, June, August and December 2017 are good periods. March, July and November will see both good and bad. February, May, September and October are tough periods. Vishaka is the 16th birth star among 27 Natchathirams in Hindu Jyothisha or astrology. The first 45 quarter of Visakha is in Tula Rasi (Libra Zodiac) and the next 15 quarter is in Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio Zodiac) as per moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar in Tamil Nadu.

Career – Those in defense, police, security and other such services will face some troubles. Those looking for new jobs will get it. Good year for teachers and lawyers. You will be able to show your skills and experience. You will perform well in job related exams. Some of you will change your job. Some of you will get transfer to a distant place. You will decide to quit present job and take up one near home.

Finance – There will be delay in loan and other money matters that you were expecting from government. Should avoid giving advice or standing surety in financial matters. There will be decrease in income from shares. You will get new income opportunities. Luck is in your favour. New home plans will be delayed. Vehicle investment might cause some loss. Financial problems with others will be settled with the help of a mediator. Legal matters regarding property will be settled in your favor.

Personal Life – Functions will be held in the family in the beginning of the year. You will decide to work with family members in matters in which you had different opinion earlier. Those in love or relationship will have a good year and some will decide on marriage. You will be bothered by gossips and scandals. Couples might stay away on account of misunderstandings – such issues will be solved soon. Those working in distant location will come back to home. Marriage will be fixed and held in this year.

Business – There will be some conflicts in partnership related business. Money from government will be delayed. Tough year for contractors. You will overcome some troubles with help of people in high positions. You will take loans to start new business. Those doing export will have a good year. Good year for those looking to start restaurants, workshops or factories. New partnerships will not be of any help.

There will be progress in higher studies for students. Good year to join new courses. Students will be offered jobs.

Health will be fine for most part of the year. You will escape from accidents.