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Tula Rashi 2017 Predictions – Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Virgo Libra for 2017 – How will be year 2017 for Tula Rasi?

For people born in Tula Rashi (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Libra Zodiac), 2017 will be a year dominated by negative results. There will be delay in most spheres of life.  Detail Tula Rashi Astrology Predictions for 2017 is given below. January, February, July, September and November 2017 will be tough periods. March, June and October 2017 are good months. April, May, August and December 2017 will be both good and bad.

Career – Those in defense, police, security and other such services will face some troubles. Those looking for new jobs will get it. Good year for teachers and lawyers. Some of you will quit job in a distant place and take up a profession of your liking near home. Good year for doctors and teachers. Job related court cases for some. You will get promotion. Some of you will be able to impress seniors and management. Good year for people working in banks. Not a good year for IT professionals and those looking to shift abroad.

Finance – There will be delay in loan and other money matters that you were expecting from government. Should avoid giving advice or standing surety in financial matters. There will be decrease in income from shares. You will get new income opportunities. You will be cheated by false financial promises. Avoid taking risk in money matters. Should not indulge in money deals with people you have little knowledge. You will start the initial steps of a new house. Some of you will buy a new vehicle.

Personal Life – Functions will be held in the family in the beginning of the year. You will decide to work with family members in matters in which you had different opinion earlier. Some of you will go against the wishes of your parents. Spouse will be understanding. Children will make parents proud. Those in a relationship will face reversals due to misunderstanding. Friends will come to your help in crisis. You will be bothered by silly issues. Some of you will show suicidal tendencies. Marriage will be fixed in this year. Unexpected travels for some. Spiritual journeys will be hectic.

Business – The business that you had started in the previous year will progress well. Good year for those doing business related to food items. You might end partnership business and start a business on your own. Money that you was expecting from government will be delayed. Legal troubles.

Health – There will be some health troubles. Chances of surgery. Accidents due to animals.

Students will get good results. Students will show progress in studies. Reversals in sports and arts.

Remedy – Offer prayers to Shiva daily. Performing various kind donation especially that of food is highly meritorious.