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Sky is blue and sunset is golden seen but false – Swami Chinmayananda

Earth is round earth moves not seen but true.

Sky is blue; sunset is golden seen but false.

Energy in the atom, vitality in the sun and gravitational force not seen but true.

Double moon, mirage waters dreams and hallucinations seen but false.

World we see but not true. Truth we not but true.

No action is absolutely good or absolutely bad. Action itself is in a relative world, it is not in the absolute. Action is a relative manifestation of reality.

Ravana was a mighty power, but because of his inordinate desires, his mental vitality was retarded and inwardly he collapsed. I am not talking about the external collapse when he was vanquished.

That is not it. Mentally his peace was gone, his judgment was gone and he came to a point of even wanting to destroy the messenger of Rama. This was wrong. Although in his own way he was a great man, he should have respected ambassadors. He had lost his mental equipoise in the upsurge of passionate desire for another man’s wife. So it was morally wrong.

– Swami Chinmayananda