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Sadayam Nakshatra 2017 predictions or palangal– Astrology Predictions or palan in 2017 for Sadhayam Natchathiram or Birth Star

For those people born in Sadayam Nakshatra, 2017 is not a good year. There will be obstacles, unwanted spending and health troubles in the year. Astrology prediction or palangal for Sadhayam Natchathiram for 2017 based on birth star is given below: February, April, August and October are good. May, June, September and November 2017 will see both good and bad times. January, March, July and December 2017 are bad. Sadayam Nakshatram is the 24th birth star among 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Tamil astrology or Jyothisha. The birth star is in Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius Zodiac) according to Hindu moon astrology, Panchang and traditional calendar.

Career – Those waiting for job confirmation letter will get it. Some of you will be forced to quit the present job. Some of you will get transfer to a desire place and promotion. Jobs in foreign place will become a reality. You will be offered new job with good position. New job seekers will be unhappy with the jobs offered. Those in government service will get promotion. There will be help from colleagues and management. Some of you will quit present job and take up self employment.

Finance – You will make good profit from an earlier investment. You will be spending money on renovation of home. There will be improvement in financial status. You will clear all debts. You will try to attain financial discipline. A relative will provide you opportunity for an extra income. Theft or loss of money or valuable items during the second quarter of the year. Home loans will be delayed. You will postpone the idea to buy new vehicle. This year you should follow strict financial discipline. Should not take loans for unwanted items.

Personal Life – There will be difference of opinion with family members. A friend or relative might become your enemy. You will attain respectful status in society. You will stay away from home. There will be some trouble with neighbors. Love related matters will face some trouble. Travels will be successful. A fixed marriage date will be changed. Marriage as per desire will held during the middle part of the year for some.

Business – You will be unhappy with your partners. You will be given a high position in your organization. There will gains for those people associated with farming and farm products. You will see increase in unwanted expenditure. You will be renovating your business place. There will be some bank related troubles.

Chances are high of food poisoning or being bitten by poison carrying reptiles. Some ailments will keep troubling you throughout the year.

Students will get good results. You will get good opportunity for higher studies.