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Rohini Natchathiram 2017 Palan - Rohini Natchathiram or Birth Star Palangal in 2017

Rohini Natchathiram will have a mixed year in 2017 as per palan. Good year regarding career matters. Trouble in relationships. Good year for marriage related matters. Detail Palangal or astrological predictions for Rohini Natchathiram in 2017 can be found below. January, April, June, August and September 2017 are good months. February, November and December are tough periods. May, February, March, May, July and October  2017 will see equal share of bad and good. As per Hindu astrology and calendar Rohini Natchathiram is in Vrishaba Rashi or Edava Kurru (Taurus Zodiac).

Career – Good year for change in career or for taking up a different job. Those looking for new job will get one in this year. At workplace, decisions might not be always, as you want. Avoid taking bribe or other risk in career, as it will cause trouble. Those looking for government job will get favorable response. You will be able to overcome enemies. Sudden trouble at workplace due to bad financial situation of the company. Fights with management might turn ugly. Promotion and increase in salary. Not a great year if you are planning to resign and start new business.

Finance – Financial gains through new investments. You will decide to sell home, as it is inauspicious. You might build or buy a new home as per Vastu. Loans will be delayed. Luck in games and lottery. You might lose wealth through your bad habits. Chance of theft of valuables. Opportunity to buy new vehicle. You will get costly gifts. Money will not be returned in time. Unwanted purchases and lavish lifestyle might prove costly. Taking financial decisions without consulting family members will not be good.

Personal Life – You might face scandal. People might misunderstand you. People whom you considered helpful will not help you when required. Marriage plans will move ahead smoothly. Good year for those looking for remarriage. Romance will flourish with occasional trouble in paradise due to prejudice and suspicion. You will meet old friends. Opportunity to stay with the family for longer period. Bad dreams and fear about future. Sudden death in the family or neighborhood will come as a shock. Travels will be successful. Delay in foreign travel plans. An old incident or relationship you wish to forget will return.

Business – Profit. Expansion. Trouble in family run business. Some of you might end partnership business due to lack of trust. Legal and government matters will be in your favor. Tough period for those who are self employed. Artists and scientists will have a good year. Freelancers might have to deal with plagiarism and threats.

Health – Some health scare if you are pregnant. Generally, health will be fine. Relief from an old health issue. You will become more health conscious after witnessing health troubles to friends and relatives. You will make effort to drop bad habits.

Students will have a good year. Your hard work will help you in getting admission in a desired location. Good year if you are into sports and arts. Bad friendship will create trouble in the family.

Offer prayers to Shiva on all Mondays. Read holy scriptures like Yoga Vasishtam.