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Punartham Nakshatram 2017 Predictions – Astrology Predictions or Phalam in 2017 for Punirtham Nakshatra

In 2017, Punartham Nakshatram will have a positive year. You will be rewarded for your hard work and talent. Marriage. Punartham Nakshatra astrology predictions or phalam for 2017 is given below: February, April, July, October and November 2017 are good months. January, June and August are bad months. March, May and September are both good and bad. Punirtham Nakshatram is the seventh birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisha or astrology. The first three quarter (45 Nazhika) of Punirtham is in Mithuna Rashi or Mithunakurru (Gemini Zodiac) and the last quarter is in Karka Rashi or Karkidaka Kurru (Cancer Zodiac) according to Hindu moon astrology calendar.

Career – Some of you will be blessed with a good job this year. Your hard work and talent will help in career progress. Those who are not ready to learn new technology and accept new changes will have to quit. Competition will increase. Avoid career or job change now. It would be wise to accept what is on offer and then build on that. First try to make a base before you decide to jump. A jealous colleague might cause some trouble. Avoid gossips and office politics. Avoid trusting other people with your work. Do your work and complete it on time. Laziness might creep in. Chance of accident at workplace.

Finance – Positive changes in money matters. Parents and friends will be helpful. Loans will be settled. You will keep tight control over your spending. Money will be needed for children’s education. House plans will be postponed. Will buy a vehicle for the use of family. An extra income source will stop. Loans will be approved. Trouble in financial paper works related to government. Attempts will be made to cheat you through spurious investments. You will get ancestral wealth.
Lack of luck in games and stocks. Lost item will be found. Damage to costly items of yours will give you tough period. Spouse might cause financial damage.

Personal Life – Desire will be fulfilled. Tension in married life will be solved through mediation. You might turn religious to overcome stress and tensions. New responsibility in the society. You will be honored for your truthfulness and helpful nature. Romance related matters will not be stable due to fickle nature of your partner. Marriage will be decided as per desire. Your partner might cause some embarrassing situations. Travels will be successful. Vacations will be planned. Religious functions and spiritual travels. You will meet good people during your journeys. Lethargy and lack of interest will cause trouble. Bad dreams and lack of sleep.

Business – Good profit but competition will increase. Bad goods and low production values might bring bad reputation to your firm. Progress with the help of family members and partners. Employee related troubles. Accidents and damage due to weather. Self employed people will make gains. Tough period for freelancers. Artists, doctors and teachers will perform well.

Health – Health will be fine. Safe pregnancy. Sudden health issues might give a scare. Avoid tension and stress. You might forget things.

Offer prayers to Vishnu daily. Read Bhagavad Gita. Do charity.