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Poosam Nakshatra 2017 Palangal - Astrology Predictions or Palan for Poosam Natchathiram in 2017

For Poosam Nakshatra people 2017 will be a fairly good year. Success in interviews. Lack of enthusiasm. Success through hard work.  Astrology Predictions or Palan for Poosam Natchathiram in 2017 is given below: February, April, July, August and December are good. January, March and June 2017 will see both good and bad times. May, September, October and November 2017 are bad. Poosam is the eighth birth star among 27 Nakshatrams as per Hindu astrology or Jyothisha. As per Hindu moon astrology Poosam Nakshatra is in Karka Rashi (Karkataka) (Cancer Zodiac).

Career – Some of you might quit job and start own business - not a great idea. You might get into trouble for something that you had not done. Trouble regarding salary. You will be transferred to a job or location with huge responsibilities. Those looking for a new job might face disappointments. Success in interviews and exams. Delay in foreign and government related jobs. Avoid confrontation with people at workplace. You will need to show lot of flexibility. Sudden reversal in career for some. Delay in promotion. Good year for career and job change.

Finance – Not a great year in money matters. Lesser income. Unexpected expenses. Loans will be approved. Finance related legal issues might go against you. Trouble regarding ancestral wealth. Gains in stocks. Additional income to the family will come as a relief. Theft of property. Will decide to relocate to a better area for commuting or children’s education. Sudden change in financial fortune due to your positive attitude. Damage during travel.

Personal Life – Lack of interest, lethargy and laziness. Romance related matters might cause some trouble. You will be unhappy with the behavior of your relatives. Those having trouble in marriage might decide to end it. Avoid confrontation and walk away when you are in anger. Marriage will be decided for some. Not a great year for those looking to be remarried. You will be helpful to others. You will participate in spiritual and religious functions. Unwanted thoughts and lack of respect for others will invite trouble. Avoid making harsh decisions. Foreign travels will face initial troubles but it will be fulfilled.

Business – Progress through partnerships. You will be forced to follow the rulebook. You will overcome difference of opinion. You might decide to end a particular business as it was not bring profit. Good year for artists, painters and writers. Self employed will face tough situations in some months of the year. Freelancers will have a stagnant period.

Health – Stomach and troubles related to leg and veins. Safe pregnancy. Lack of concentration and less sleep. A bad habit will take its toll this year.

Students will have a good year. Success in sports and extra curricular activities. Admission as per desire.

Offer prayers to Ganesha daily. Try to read scriptures like Bhagavad Gita.