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Pooram Nakshatram 2017 predictions – Pooram Nakshatra Astrology Predictions or phalam in 2017

In 2017, Pooram Nakshatram people will have a good year. Career gains.  Unexpected monetary loss for some. Astrology predictions or phalam for Pooram Nakshatram for 2017 is given below: April, May, August and December 2017 are bad period for the Naal. January, February, June, September and October are good. March, July and November 2017 are neither good nor bad. Pooram Nakshatram, or Puram Nakshatra, is the 11th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisha or astrology. Pooram Nakshatra is in Simha Rashi or Chinga Kurru (Leo Zodiac) as per Hindu moon astrology and panchang and calendar.

Career – Those looking for government jobs will get it. Some of you will get job with the help of a relative or friend. Some of you will show lazy attitude in career. You will take bold decisions regarding career in this year. Good year for those working in press and publishing. Some of you will get extra responsibility. Avoid unwanted arguments and gossips at work place as it will cause some damage. Delay in new jobs in foreign locations.

Finance – Unwanted expenditure on luxury items. You will get funds from government. Should avoid making use of money that is not yours. You will get documents related to your ancestral wealth. Parents will give you wealth in the form of property. Good year for freelancers and self employed. Additional income in the family will comes as a great help. Home loans will be delayed. Those looking to buy vehicle will postpone it. Some of you will move into new home. You will start the construction of a home.

Personal Life – You will participate in parties and other such functions. There will be fights over silly matters with friends and relatives. Spouse will be of great help. You will help brothers and sisters. Difference of opinion with spouse will be settled. Children will make parents proud. Those in relationship or love will face lot of pressures. You will be travelling more than usual. Spiritual journeys to far locations with friends.Marriage will be fixed for many young people.

Business – You will expand the current business. Some relief in government related matters. Contracts doing government work will get money that was stuck.

Students will have a year with no major gains. Those interested in painting and drawing will perform well. Some of you will not be happy with higher studies progress.

Health issues will keep you occupied in most months. Health of family member will be a cause of worry.