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Mrigaseersham Nakshatra 2017 Predictions – Mirugasirisham Palan - Astrology Predictions of Mrigashirsha Natchathiram in 2017

In 2017, Mrigaseersham Nakshatra, also known as Mirugasirisham, will have lot of ups and downs. Financial damage. Career progress through hard work. Detail palan or astrology predictions for Mrigashirsha Natchathiram in 2017 can be found below. January, March, July, and December are good months.  February, March, June and August 2017 are bad months. April, May, September and November will see mixed fortune. As per Panchangam, astrology and calendar followed in Hindu tradition, the first half (two quarter) of Mrigashirsha Nakshatra is in Vrishaba Rashi (Taurus Zodiac) and the second half (two quarters) in Mithuna Rashi (Gemini Zodiac).

Career – Trouble in career mainly due to reversal in company fortune and over ambition. Career and job change should be attempted after proper thought and research. Those looking for new job will be offered one but not to your satisfaction. You will be offered better job after seeing your results and talent. You will be able to meet deadlines. You will satisfy seniors. Additional responsibilities. Delay in transfer or promotion. Having a flexible approach will help in solving many issues. Those looking for a job abroad might face tough situations. Delay in government related jobs.

Finance – You will build a house in your native place in ancestral property. Earlier savings and lessons learned from elders in money matters will help you this year. Financial damage due to vehicles, fine or penalty. Loans will be delayed. You will take loan in some months to overcome tight situations. Spouse will be helpful in financial matters. Additional income in the family. You will shell out money on relatives and parents. Avoid gambling, lottery etc as luck is not in your favor.

Personal Life – You will be able to clear misunderstandings. Social stature will improve. You will make new friendships with people in authority. Marriage will be decided as per desire. Tough situation if you are looking to remarry. Relatives and parents will realize your value. Children might cause some trouble. Vacations will be planned. Lot of travels. Unwanted thoughts and illicit relationships will give tense moments. You will start new bad habits. Romance related matters will be stormy. Love will not be reciprocated. Near death experience for some.

Business – Not a great year for many. Lack of profit. Government and legal trouble. You might have to rethink expansion. Some of you will drop certain business and concentrate on core business. Good year for freelancers and self employed. Doctors, teachers and those police or other force might face hardships. Agriculture related matters will see great progress.

Health – Child birth with no major complications. Heart or bone related ailments will keep you in hospital. You will go for new treatment methods. Health issue of parents will cause hardships.

Students will need to work hard. Lack of success in exams. Not a good year regarding new admissions. You might rewrite exams for better marks.