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Mithuna Rashi 2017 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Gemini Zodiac in 2017 – How will be year 2017 for Mithun Rasi?

For people born in – Gemini Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Mithuna Rashi, 2017 will have see lot of ups and downs. Financial damage. Career progress through hard work. Mithuna Rashi 2017 Predictions are given in detail below. February, March, July, and December are good months. January, March, June and August 2017 are bad months. April, May, September and November will see mixed fortune.

Career – Trouble in career mainly due to reversal in company fortune and over ambition. Career and job change should be attempted after proper thought and research. Those looking for new job will be offered one but not to your satisfaction. You will have to do lot of hard work for little progress. You will be forced to take a job without liking it. Good year for career and job change. Some of you will quit job abroad and return home to start a new career. You will be harassed for no fault of yours. You will be made permanent at workplace. Fear of losing job will haunt you this year. Lack of confidence will cause career damage.

Finance – Positive changes in money matters. Parents and friends will be helpful. Loans will be settled. You will keep tight control over your spending. Money will be needed for children’s education. House plans will be postponed. Will buy a vehicle for the use of family. An extra income source will stop. Loans will be approved. Trouble in financial paper works related to government. You will buy a vehicle of your desire. Theft or loss of valuables. You need to be extra careful while traveling. Long delay in loans and government related funds. Money you had thought lost will be returned.

Personal Life – Trouble in married life for some. Lack of common interests might force you to come out of a romantic relationship. Suspicion, prejudice and anger will cause damage this year. You will take up spirituality to have a calm mind. Travels will be successful. You will meet a person whom you have been wanting to meet for longtime. Children will make parents proud. You will be able to clear misunderstandings. Social stature will improve. You will make new friendships with people in authority. Marriage will be decided as per desire.

Business – Good year but lot of hardship and hard work. Gains and profits. New partnership business. You will recruit good employees. Solution to legal troubles through mediation. Good year for freelancers and self employed. Doctors, teachers and those police or other force might face hardships. Agriculture related matters will see great progress.

Students will need to work hard. Lack of success in exams. Not a good year regarding new admissions. You might rewrite exams for better marks.

Pray to your personal deity daily. Read scriptures. Helping poor and needy will be highly meritorious.