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Mesha Rashi 2017 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Aries Zodiac in 2017 – How will be year 2017 for Mesha Rasi?

For people born in – Aries Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Mesha Rashi, 2017 will be a tough period. Sudden job loss. Health issues. Lack of success in most areas.  Rashi 2017 Predictions is given in detail below. January, June, September and December 2017 are good period for Mesha Rashi. February, July, August and November 2017 will see ups and downs. March, April, May and October 2017 are tough periods.

Career – Some of you might take up studies for better career prospects. Those looking for a new job might face difficulties due to past activities. Sudden job loss for some. Those working abroad might be forced to return. Tension and lack of peace due to unlawful activities at work place. Increase in workload. Carelessness will bring bad reputation and problems to career. Extra responsibilities at work place of both seniors and lower level employees. Career will be a major area of concern this year.

Finance – Avoiding being a mediator or surety in money related matters. By having a better understanding of friends and family members, you can reduce financial loss. You will have to pay penalty or fine. Loans will be approved. Trouble regarding ancestral wealth. Avoid investing in areas that you have no knowledge. Greediness will cause serious damage. Avoid putting all your savings into a new business. Some of you will start house construction in an ancestral property. Idea of changing or buying a vehicle will not materialize.

Personal Life – You will be blamed for things that you have not done. Bad name in society for some due to bad behavior. You will need to show lot of flexibility this year to have a peaceful family and social life. Travels might not be successful. You might not be happy with the results in spite of your knowledge and hard work. Delay in marriage related matters. Be what you are and do not try to change for others. Avoid interfering in the personal matters of others. Over confidence will cause damage. Romance will flourish.

Business – You might not be able to make use of several good opportunities. Negligence will cause damage to machinery and wealth. You will drop the idea of partnership and will start your own business.

Health – Lack of concentration will cause accidents. Health trouble related to leg and veins for some. Relief from an old health issue for some. Safe pregnancy period. Contagious diseases will give you trouble.

Students will see tough situations with difficulty in admission for higher studies. Lack of success in sports and arts due to lack of practice and commitment.

Remedy – Daily prayers to Ganesha and your personal deity. Reading of Bhagavad Gita will be highly meritorious.