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Meena Rashi 2017 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Pisces Zodiac in 2017 – How will be year 2017 for Meen Rasi?

For people born in Meena Rashi – Pisces Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – 2017 will have will have a mixed fortune with good dominating the year. Luck is your favour. There will be gains for some in career. . Meena Rashi 2017 Astrology Predictions is given below. February, April, June, September 2017 are bad for Meena Rashi.  January, May, August and October 2017 will see both good and bad times. March, July, September and November 2017 are good.

Career – Professionals will make gains this year. Some of you will make enemies at the workplace due to unwanted talks. You will get opportunity to prove your worth at workplace. Those doing freelance jobs will have a good year. Some of you will get job but will be unhappy with place or remuneration. Job loss for some due to closure of company. Some of you will get permanent job during the second quarter of the year.

Finance – Some financial trouble due to investments made without proper research. You will take back ornaments and other items that was pawned. You will make investment in property. Legal disputes regarding ancestral wealth will be decided in your favour. You will get back money that was owed to you. Additional income in the family will come as a relief. You will get opportunity to invest in new home or land.

Personal Life – Some of you will be wrongly accused. Difference of opinion with relatives will be settled. Some of you will stay away from home. Those in a relationship (love) will take the next step. Some of you will face trouble from the opposite sex. There will be functions in the family. You will meet old friends. Spouse who was staying away will return. Marriage as per desire will be held for many. Some of you will go on excursions. Travels will be hectic. Some of you will move into a new house.

Business – You will expand your business this year. Some of you will undertake business related travels. You will solve long pending issues with partners and government. Loss due to accidents or weather for some. Some of you will make changes to current business establishment. Employees will be helpful.

Students will not be happy with the results. There will be disappoint in higher studies matters.

Health troubles for some. Some of you will face heart related health trouble.

Reading of scriptures, visiting temples and performing food donation will be helpful.