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Kanya Rashi 2017 Predictions – Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Virgo Zodiac for 2017 – How will be year 2017 for Kanya Rasi?

For people born in – Virgo Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Kanya Rashi 2017 will see fluctuating fortunes. Positive results will be more this year. Detail Kanya Rashi Astrology Predictions for 2017 is given below. January, April, July, October and December 2017 are good. February, June, September and November 2017 are neither good nor bad March, May, June and August 2017 are tough periods.
Career – Those looking for new jobs will get it. You will get transfer to a desire location. An expected promotion will be denied. Not a good year to change jobs. Some of you will be forced to quit job and look for other options due to external factors. Those looking for government job will be luck this year. You will have to face criticism and disciplinary action at workplace. Some of you will not be happy with career progress. Should avoid conflicts at workplace. Good year for doctors, chemists and teachers. There will be help from seniors and management in last quarter of the year. Those looking for government job will get it.

Finance – Some of you will buy a new home or property this year. Gains from speculation. You might miss a good investment opportunity. Chance of theft or loss of valuables and documents. There will be help from your spouse in financial matters. You will get money that does not belong to you. Luck is in your favour. You will win prizes. Loss from investments made in precious stones or metals. You might change your current residence. In some months you will get opportunity for additional income.  Gains from selling of old vehicle.

Personal Life – You will meet friends and relatives when you were least expecting. You will get high position and respect in society. Couples should avoid listening to others regarding family matters – enemies will attempt to create misunderstanding among couples. Children will cause some tense situations. There will be birth in the family. Parents will be helpful. Those people in love or relationship will not take a firm decision and this will cause some harm. Marriage will be fixed and held in this year. Some couples will decide to end marriage and will stay apart or opt for divorce. Travels to distant location to meet relatives and friends. Travels will be successful. Excursions with family for some.

Business - Legal matters will be settled. Employee related trouble will be settled through mediation. You will improve a business that was going slow with the help of partners. Fire related accident might cause some serious damage.

Health – Health issues will keep you occupied. Chance of getting poisoned by reptiles. Some of you might face accidents due to fire.

Students will get into bad friendships; will not show interest in studies. Some of you will get opportunity to do higher studies abroad.

Remedy – Offer prayers to Ganesha daily. Avoid harsh talks. Do annadanam or food donation.