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Revati Nakshatra 2017 Predictions – Astrology Predictions in 2017 for Revathi Nakshatram

Revati Nakshatra people will have a mixed fortune with good dominating the year. Luck is your favour. Some of you will move into new house. There will be gains for some in career. February, April, June, September 2017 are bad for Revathi Nakshatram.  January, May, August and October will see both good and bad times. March, July, September and November 2017 are good. Astrology prediction for Revati Nakshatram for 2017 based on Janmanaal is given below: Revathi Nakshatram is the 27th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu astrology or Jyothisha. Revathi is in Meena Rashi or Meenakurru according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar.

Career – Professionals will make gains this year. Some of you will make enemies at the workplace due to unwanted talks. You will get opportunity to prove your worth at workplace. Those doing freelance jobs will have a good year. Some of you will get job but will be unhappy with place or remuneration. Job loss for some due to closure of company. Some of you will get permanent job during the second quarter of the year.

Finance – There will be some delay in getting finance for new home. There will be some unexpected spending this year. Some of you will buy new home or vehicle. Chance of theft or loss of valuables. There will be some government related trouble in money matters. Luck is in your favour – gains from stocks and lottery. Funds that was blocked will be released. Loans will be approved.

Personal Life – Some of you will be wrongly accused. Difference of opinion with relatives will be settled. Some of you will stay away from home. Those in a relationship (love) will take the next step. Some of you will face trouble from the opposite sex. There will be functions in the family. You will meet old friends. Spouse who was staying away will return. Marriage as per desire will be held for many. Some of you will go on excursions. Travels will be hectic.

Business – You will not be happy with progress in the new building for your business establishment. Those having shops and doing contract business will have a good year. There will be some unexpected delay in implementing new projects. Some of you will completely shut down the current business and look for other investment opportunities. You will not be happy with the contribution of your partner. Those involved in import will see huge gains.

There will be some accidents this year. Health of a younger member in the family will give some worries.

Students will perform well in exams. Some of you will get opportunity to join good courses as per your desire.