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Get intoxicated chanting the holy name – Swami Brahmananda

Behind this mind of ours there is a subtle, spiritual mind, existing in seed-form. Through the practice of contemplating, prayer, and japam, this mind is developed, and with this development a new vision opens up and the aspirant realizes many spiritual truths. This, however, is not the final experience. The subtle mind leads the aspirant nearer to God, but it cannot reach God, the supreme Atman.

Religion is a most practical thing. It doesn’t matter whether one believes or not. It is like science. If one performs spiritual disciplines, the result is bound to come. Although one may be practicing mechanically — if one persists one will get everything in time. ... And if you go one step towards God, God will come a hundred steps towards you. ... Why did God create us?  So that we may love him.

Get intoxicated chanting the holy name. Whatever you do be it meditation, japa, prayer, or any other spiritual practice—let it be between you and the Master. Do not worry at all about others hearing or watching, or about making mistakes. Be totally intoxicated, be absorbed.
– Swami Brahmananda