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Words to Think Over – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

As water when congealed becomes ice, so the visible form of the almighty is the condensed manifestation of the all pervading formless Brahman. It may be called in fact, Sat-chit-ananda solidified. As ice is part and parcel of water, remains in water and afterwards melts in it; so the Personal god is part and parcel of the Impersonal. He rises from the impersonal, remains there, and ultimately merges into it and disappears.

God is formless and God is with form too, and He is that which transcends both form and formlessness. He alone can say what else He is.

How can the finite grasp the Infinite? Like a figure of salt trying to fathom the depths of the ocean. In doing so the salt doll is dissolved into the sea and lost. Similarly the jiva, in trying to measure God, loses his individual egoism and becomes one with him.

– Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa