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Real success lies in helping everybody rise higher – Swami Tejomayananda

Success is not about becoming richer, wealthier and more knowledgeable while keeping everybody else ignorant and poor. Real success lies in helping everybody rise higher and higher.

When we speak of victory, there should be prosperity, continuous development and growth and abiding values. Only that kind of victory is true, meaningful victory.

In victory, there must be prosperity and wealth as well as continuous growth – no stagnation. There must be backed by abiding values. Many times, after wealth has been acquired, people forget the value of hard work. That is why a poor person works very hard and becomes rich, while his son, who has readymade wealth, does not understand the value of hard work and slowly loses everything.

If we have firm policies in life, that alone will take us to prosperity and victory. We may win in the short run, but without honesty or values, it will soon disappear.
– Swami Tejomayananda