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One Who Is Addicted To Fame and Recognition Resist Change

Our biggest enemies are within.

Enemies outside cannot hurt us if we have tamed the enemies within.

Setting standards are good but we cannot always maintain them. When we are not able to maintain the standard set, it does not mean we are mediocre or worthless. Stress, anxiety and depression are the direct result of not maintaining standards. People who set standards ignore kindness and compassion. One needs to treat oneself kindly.

People who set standards want applause and recognition. They get that a lot in the beginning. They get addicted to it.

But in nature we have to give way. Nature is an ever flowing. We will be one day replaced by some who is better and younger.

The one who is addicted to fame and recognition resist change.

However hard we resist change will take place. Old will give away to new. That is the rule of nature.