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Inner and outer are mere terms, and not ultimate reality – Vedanta Kesari

To get rid of bondage, one has to begin from where one is — and slowly turn one’s time, space, and other causes into means to purify the mind and reach the inner divinity. In classical metaphors used in explaining Vedanta, it is illustrated by way of saying, ‘break the space enclosed by a pot and merge it with the larger space.’ Inner and outer are mere terms, and not ultimate reality.

Slowing down does not mean promoting inactivity and inefficiency but, paradoxically, slowing down helps one achieve greater and truer happiness. This simply means making space in our crowded lives, space to think over what is right and wrong, and learning to examine our lives in the perspective of the ultimate goal of life.

One must find time for introspection and self-study which are vital to check if one is going in the right direction. It may look difficult, even impossible, at first but a careful and honest review of one’s life and activity would reveal that there are certain things we can do without.
Vedanta Kesari Editorial January 2016