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Even the most precious things of the world have to be passed by – Sadhu Vaswani

Even the good things of life, friends, loved ones, riches, health, knowledge are but flowers and fruits: he receives them as gifts from the Purushottama to strengthen him in his pilgrimage: but he does not forget that his goal is God. Even the most precious things of the world have to be passed by, left behind to reach the Home. He is a vairagi. All things perish: but Krishna is Eternal. Such a man does his daily work, but he had gone beyond “duty” to Nirvana, the Great Mystery of Illusion and adoration.

The divine men are fundamentally spiritual. They are jivas who, living in this world, are not swayed by maya. They remember the pledge of purity they took in their true, their spiritual Home. And in this world they show, in their thoughts, aspirations and actions, that desire (trishna) does not dominate them. They walk the way of yoga, keeping themselves detached from bhoga. They show, from their very birth, tendencies of the dive way of life. They are gifted jivas: they bring with themselves gifts divine. These they express on the plane of maya. They manifest the glory of the divine life.
– Sadhu Vaswani

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