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Whole Universe Is a Single Organism – Swami Krishnananda

All the objects of the universe are held together by an organic tie of harmony, which in Vedanta philosophy is called the Virat.

The whole universe is a single organism, and therefore, every thought is connected with every object.

There is a principle of thought behind the form of thought, just as there is a principle called wood or timber behind every form of furniture. Though a chair is different from a table and a table is different from a desk, a bench, a door, and so on, yet they have an undercurrent of commonness among them that is timber or wood. Therefore, if we scratch the principle of timber, we have caught a table, a chair, and every blessed thing made out of it.

Suppose one wave in the ocean wants to control other waves; what will it do? It has to go back to its own source. It has to dive into its own bottom. And what is that bottom? It is the ocean. So the wave ceases to be a wave the moment it enters the bottom of itself, and it becomes the ocean. The moment it becomes the ocean, it is the master of all the waves, and not merely a single wave.
– Swami Krishnananda