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To Realize One’s Self in the All-Pervading God is the Essence of Goodness - Rabindranath Tagore

To be truly united in knowledge, love and service with all beings, and to realize one’s self in the all-pervading God is the essence of goodness.

When a man’s life rescued from distractions find unity in the soul, then the consciousness of the infinite becomes at once direct and natural to it as the light is to the flame. All the conflicts and contradictions of life are reconciled; knowledge, love and action harmonize; pleasure and pain become one in beauty,… it is only the soul, the one in man which by its very nature can overcome all limits, and finds its affinity with the Supreme One.

Evil cannot altogether arrest the course of life…for evil has to pass on, it has to grow into good; it cannot stand to give battle to All.

It is through the heightening of our consciousness into love and extending it all over the world, that we can attain Brahma-vihara, communion with this infinite joy.
- Rabindranath Tagore