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The state of mind free from fear is heaven – Katha Upanishad

To a confused person the idea of heaven and hell is very complex.

However, to a person with a clear, calm, and tranquil mind it is very simple – the state of mind free from fear is heaven.

A fearful person lives in hell here and hereafter.

The day you attain freedom from the fear associated with old age and death, you have created a heaven that cannot be destroyed by anyone.

Practicing truth in solitude is necessary only in the beginning stages of your quest.

In a sheltered environment you can practice truth without too many distractions, but in that environment you do not have the opportunity to test your strength. Conforming to truth while living in the world is a higher practice. Once you conquer the adverse conditions there, you have become the master of yourself.
– Katha Upanishad