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Sriman and Srimat – Spiritual Importance and Symbolism

You might have come across the term Sriman and Srimat. The reference Sri-vaishnavism and Sriman Naryana are very common especially in Vaishnava theology. The term has deep spiritual importance and symbolism.

‘Sri’ in all these term is Goddess Lakshmi, the eternal consort of Vishnu.

She is inseparable from Narayana. Thus, she is omnipotent and omnipresent.

The dvaya mantra in Vaishnavism has two lines both of which have sriman as the first word.

The suffix man or mat indicates the state of eternal union of Sri and Narayana.

By first invoking Sri, the Divine Mother, a seeker seeks her help in connecting with the Lord.

When self realization happens we will realize that there is no second. There is nothing outside. Mother and Father are one.