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You are supreme joy and you are eternal bliss – Dada J P Vaswani

God has made us in His image. He is perfect bliss. As His image, are we not also happiness personified? Tat Twam Asi? That art Thou! You are supreme joy and you are eternal bliss. It is only when you forget this that you lose your happiness. You forget your true nature. You forget that you are an aspect of the Divine. It is this lack of self-knowledge, this avidya that makes you unhappy.

With an unhappy mind, how can you look for happiness? How can you hope to find it outside, when your inside is dark and clouded?

Unfortunately, most of us are engaged in searching the entire world over for happiness and fulfillment. If we search until our last breath, we are not going to find happiness out there somewhere. We cannot wish for it; we cannot buy it; nobody can hand it over to us on a platter. It is a very personal feeling – and it must come from within.

– Dada J P Vaswani

SourceSay No To Negatives by J.P. Vaswani