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We are always rushing

We are always rushing…hurrying…but to where? We do not pay attention to the present. We do not enjoy the little simple things in life. We are after bigger goals…

And once we attain this bigger goals we are either dissatisfied or in bad health. The bigger goals will never give you true happiness. Happiness lies in little things.

We all should attain our goals but by not sacrificing the little pleasures of life.

Enjoy the little beauties of life.

If we have children, we need to be with them when they need us. We need to help them.

Just because we are in a hurry, we should not ignore a human being who is in trouble. Do whatever is possible.

Quality time with friends, relatives, older people and children will give us new insights.

We all have interests, hobbies, and a passion…find time for it.


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