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Our work is not to make the soul free but to get rid of the bondages – Swami Vivekananda

There is a screen here, and some beautiful scenery outside. There is a small hole in the screen through which we can only catch a glimpse of it.

Suppose this hole begins to increase; as it grows larger and larger, more and more of the scenery comes into view, and when the screen has vanished, we come face to face with the whole of the scenery. This scene outside is the soul, and the screen between us and the scenery is Maya—time, space, and causation.

There is a little hole somewhere, through which I can catch only a glimpse of the soul.

When the hole is bigger, I see more and more, and when the screen has vanished, I know that I am the soul.

So changes in the universe are not in the Absolute; they are in nature. Nature evolves more and more, until the Absolute manifests Itself.

In everyone, It exists; in some It is manifested more than in others.

The whole universe is really one. . . All our struggles, exercises, pains, pleasures, tears, and smiles, all that we do and think tend towards that goal, the tearing up of the screen, making the hole bigger, thinning the layers that remain between the manifestation and the reality behind.

Our work, therefore, is not to make the soul free, but to get rid of the bondages.
Swami Vivekananda