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Infinite Is God and Infinite Are His Expressions

The great sages and seers have tried to express the truth of God in varied ways. Some say He is personal, others say He is impersonal. Some say He is with form, others say He is without form. Some say He is endowed with divine attributes, others say He is attributeless.

Sri Ramakrishna, in the light of his own mystic experiences, resolved, in his simple way, all such contradictions. ‘Infinite is God and infinite are His expressions. He who lives continuously in the consciousness of God, and in this alone, knows Him in His true being. He knows Him as impersonal no less than as personal.’

Brahman, Absolute Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss, may be compared to an ocean, without beginning or end. As through intense cold, some portions of the water of the ocean freeze into ice, and the formless water appears to have form, so through intense love of the devotee the formless, Infinite Existence manifests Himself before him as having form and personality. But forms and aspects disappear before the man who reaches the highest Samadhi, who attains the height of nondualistic philosophy, the Vedanta.
Swami Prabhavananda