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Hate produces hate whereas love transforms hate into love – Swami Sivananda

Hate produces hate whereas love transforms hate into love. There is a vast difference of earth and sky between conquering by power and conquering by love. The two are opposed to each other. The former is like a poison whereas the latter is like a divine nectar and extends its benefits to both. While the one temporarily brings the enemy to one’s knees, the other permanently subdues him forever. Love is God and God is Love. Love and Love alone can transform.

Dreams are created by the Lord as fruition of the minor works of the Jiva. In order to reward the soul for very minor Karmas, the Lord creates the dreams. The Universal Soul is the creator of dreams and not the individual soul; for, had it been possible for the latter to shape his dreams, he would never have dreamt a bad dream, but would always have dreamt only propitious ones.
 – Swami Sivananda