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Words to Think Over – Swami Tejomayananda

Svasti means wellbeing. Many a times we really do not know what is good for us. We may desire things which may even harm us. So we pray to the all-knowing and graceful Gods, to become our ‘well-wishers’ and bless us for our ‘well-being’ rather than become ‘wish-fulfillers’ and give us desired things which may harm us.

As the thoughts, so the mind. Pure thoughts make it pure and impure thoughts make it impure.

A sorrowful mind, with stress, depression, tension, anger, dejection, negative attitudes or with hurtful and harmful thoughts is impure. A mind without these is pure. A pure mind is content, cheerful, peaceful and happy.

An impure mind, like a river in spate is constantly agitated, restless, stormy, distracted, willful and stubborn. A pure mind, free of these is steady, attentive and calm.
– Swami Tejomayananda

Source - AMRITABINDU UPANISHAD By Swami Tejomayananda