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Most of you are not busy; you are just preoccupied – Sadhguru

If your mind become more organized, these unnecessary words, these unnecessary actions, these unnecessary things will disappear. Once they go away, you have a lot of time.

Most of you are not busy; you are just preoccupied.

If you want to do everything in the world, then you will definitely go insane. How much you can do, each individual has to decide.

If you are really concerned about your children, creating a joyful and loving atmosphere for their growth is most important. Not providing them shiny boots; not providing them better clothes; not providing them video games. You creating an atmosphere of joy and love around them on a daily basis, moment to moment, is more important than all the nonsense that you are providing.
– Sadhguru

Source - Book titled "Ancient Technology For The Modern Mind "

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