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Man’s final growth rests with himself – Dr S Radhakrishnan

Religion is not doctrinal conformity or ceremonial piety, but it is participation in the mystery of being. It is wisdom or insight into reality.

The one doctrine by which Indian culture is best known to the outside world is that of Tat Tvam Asi. The eternal is in one’s self. The Real which is the in most of all things is the essence of one’s own soul. The sage whose passions are at rest sees within himself the majesty of the great Real.

Man is more than the sum of his appearances.

When the natural life of man comes to itself, his spiritual being becomes manifest. Man’s final growth rests with himself.

– Dr S Radhakrishnan

Source – excerpts from Verinder Grover, S Radhakrishnan: Political Thinkers of Modern India