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Face Life through Higher Awareness

Know that life is unpredictable. We have no control over the twists and turns in life. Things, which we could never anticipate, can happen in life. It might be positive or negative. We are happy if it is positive. However, what if it is negative? How do we face it?

The only way to face it is through higher awareness. Be alive, alert and aware at every moment. Do not take things for granted. Always follow Dharma.

Even when the life is positive and happy never get attached to it. When we live in this world, in the back of our mind we should be aware that all these are fleeting pleasures. Be a part of it but do not be attached to them. Happiness is never outside.

Nurture qualities like intuition and creativity. Develop empathy, intellectual honesty, compassion and trust.

Always know that our goal is to wash away the dust of ignorance and realize that we are the Supreme Truth.