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Confidence Based on Comparison Will Only Have a Short Life

We have immense potential, provided we know how potential we are.

What is lacking in an unsuccessful person is confidence. Success will follow such a person as soon as he befriends confidence.

Reluctance is lack of confidence. It simply means that we do not believe in our ability and we are afraid of failure or embarrassment.

We would not be able recognize the excellent opportunities if we do not have confidence.

We need to initially display some confidence to get compliments. Recognition and compliments can only reinforce confidence.

Mistakes, stumbling blocks and falls should not shatter our confidence. Do not take blunders too seriously. Laugh it off and learn from them.

Confidence based on comparison will only have a short life. There will always be someone who is better than us. Our confidence has to be based solely on our strengths.

True confidence is not loud or brash. It is quiet. It comes forth as strength in the face of adversity. It provides motivation to overcome troubles.