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Advice for those on the path of Bhakti – Narada Bhakti Sutras

A great obstruction to spiritual life is the attraction towards sense objects. An easy solution to this problem is continuous prayer and remembrance as well as the company of great men and, thereby, their grace.

It is as much necessary to renounce the company of the wicked as cultivate the company of the great; in the company of the wicked, there is every possibility of bad samskaras (mental proclivities) like desire and anger in the devotee’s mind rising up.

Wicked company does not necessarily mean company of wicked persons. The sense objects that stimulate the mind and give rise to desire, greed, atheism, enmity and anger are also wicked company. We should not even listen to such things.

The devotee should renounce those duties – whether worldly or scriptural – which come in the way of his bhakti and perform the rest with the conviction that they are an offering to God.

As the body is a valuable instrument to be used in the path of Bhakti, he should protect it well.