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We Must Live Without Being Entangled By Worldly Affairs - Easy to say, harder to put into practice.

It is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures and Saints and Gurus always say this – ‘we must live without being entangled by worldly affairs’ for a peaceful and happy life. Easy to say, harder to put into practice.

If we enter muddy water, some mud and dirty water will be attached to our body. We can avoid this if do not go near muddy water. In life, several situations can be avoided. We indulge daily in too many unnecessary talks and activities and this gets us entangled in worldly affairs. We end up being sad, disillusioned, unhappy and angry. Thus daily we go far away from our goal of spiritual bliss. So we should limit our activities to the essential.

When we perform essential activities, some mud and water will be attached. This should be cleaned immediately. Perform all activities with utmost devotion and dedication. Do not cheat. Give your best. Then forget it and remember the Supreme Truth. Do not be attached to the result. Always remember we only have the right to perform our duty. We become unhappy when the desired result is not achieved. So instead of concentrating on the result find happiness in doing the work. Whatever little mud and dirt that get attached while performing out duty should be cleaned immediately through prayers and remembering the Supreme Truth.

When you are in love; love. When you are playing; play. When you are working; work. Live in the moment and be happy. Always follow Dharma. Do not be selfish and do not hurt others.

We Must Live Without Being Entangled By Worldly Affairs – this is possible but not in a day or two. It takes constant practice to achieve this goal. We can achieve it but slowly and steadily.