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Take Decision at the Right Time Do Not Postpone

We all face this dilemma – of postponing a decision and the inability to decide. Net result is that we end up suffering all our life.

Quite often, we come across situations and people we are not happy with. But we tolerate such situation and people. We know we need to confront but we postpone. We keep postponing and end up suffering.

Instead of being exploited physically, financially, mentally and emotionally we need to face the situation and take appropriate decision and put them into action.

It is fear of losing something that is stopping us from taking a firm decision. This something can be love, finance, security…

Actually, it is this fear that is our vulnerable point and many are taking advantage of it.

As we progress in age, we lose our strength and ability.

So take the decision when we have the strength and ability. Decide and act when you have the energy to overcome the loss due to the decision.
- Abhilash