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Quotes from Yaksha Prashna in Mahabharata

What is heavier than earth, higher than mountains, faster than wind and more numerous than straws?

Yudhishthira: One’s mother is heavier than earth; one’s father is higher than mountains. The mind is faster than wind and our worries are more numerous than straws.

What is more in number than grasses? What does not close its eyes while sleeping? What does not move even after birth? What does not have a heart? What grows with speed? Who is a friend, for one who goes abroad?

Yudhishthira: Worries outnumber grasses. The fish does not close its eyes while sleeping (symbolism of ever awake atman). Eggs do not move even after birth. A stone does not have a heart. The river grows with speed. Education is the only friend of people who go abroad.

What is that which, when renounced, makes one loveable? What is that which when renounced makes one happy and wealth?

Yudhishthira: Pride, if renounced makes one lovable, by renouncing desire one become wealthy, and to by renouncing avarice one becomes happy.