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Know That the Body Is the Temple of the Radiant Spirit – Swami Sivananda

To be jealous is mean, to be selfish is ignoble, to be compassionate is divine, to be patient and enduring is manly, to be dispassionate is praiseworthy, and to be equanimous is laudable. Therefore eradicate jealousy and selfishness, and cultivate the divine virtues.

The more you give the more you get. Give without any selfish motive, without expecting any reward. Embrace all. Cultivate equal vision.

Courage, power, strength, wisdom and joy are your divine heritage from the absolute: they are your birthright. You are center of thought, power and influence. Never forget this. Introspect. Direct your attention towards the knowledge of the Self.

You have a body, but you are not the body. This body is an instrument or servant of the soul, and not its prison. Know that the body is the temple of the radiant Spirit of self-effulgent Atman or soul within, which controls and moves all the faculties of the mind and body. Know that you are breathing the breath of the Spirit, but not a physical breath.