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Kaleshwar Yatra at Phuphere Village in Shirala Taluka in Sangli District in Maharashtra

Kaleshwar Yatra at Phuphere Village is observed in Chaitra month (March – April). It is the annual fair and festival at the Kaleshwar Temple at Phuphere Village in Shirala Taluka in Sangli District, Maharashtra. Various unique pujas and rituals are held during the annual yatra. Phuphere Kaleshwar Yatra 2018 date is March 31.

The shrine is dedicated to Kaleshwar, a kind manifestation of Shiva. This form of Shiva is widely worshipped as a village deity and kuldevata (family deity) in Maharashtra.

For the annual festival, the shrine is decorated with lamps, lights, flowers, leaves and sugarcane for the occasion.

The festival and fair attracts hundreds of devotees to the Kaleshwar temple.

Various offerings are made to appease the deity. Red flowers are offered to the deity. Procession is part of the festival.

Phuphere Kaleshwar Yatra is annually observed on Chaitra Purnima tithi or the full moon day in Chaitra month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.