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God alone can satisfy our personal needs – Swami Kriyananda

Every man’s understanding is conditioned by his own special experiences, his aspirations, his outlook on life – in short, by what he is.

Our thoughts are the prime cause of whatever harmony or disharmony we experience, not in the mind only, but in the body as well.

Our virtues and vices are not really we, ourselves. They are reflections, only, of the plane of consciousness on which we live. As that plane changes, the traits of our personality also change.

Simple process of changing the inner level of one’s energy can have a tremendous effect on the quality of awareness.

God alone can satisfy our personal needs. In our dealings with other people, He is our conscience. In our labor, He is our satisfaction. When we read a good book or listen to uplifting music, He is our inspiration. In everything we do, from the performance of serious duty to the most trivial pursuits, He is there, watching, joining in if we invite Him to, and giving us our strength. To ignore Him means to go stumbling blindly through life, unaware of innumerable pitfalls on the path before us.
Swami Kriyananda