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Desires are the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path – Paramahansa Yogananda

God watches the heart. Seek to please Him above all. Don’t act with the prime motive of pleasing others.

It is even good to do good for the sake of praise. That is better than not to do good at all! Still, when you do good to please God alone, that is true Karma Yoga. It is almost as good as meditation. Even if other misunderstand you, God will never misunderstand. Live to feel His smile in your heart.

Television has a satanic influence. Don’t let yourselves be too fascinated by it. Seek, instead, the ‘television’ of super-conscious visions in the spiritual eye.

Once the soul becomes free, it remains so for eternity. Never more will it have to roam the long, winding road of evolution.

Desires are the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path. I see it as a war, with people fighting to achieve victory. Some are killed by bullets of desire, and must be reborn to renew the struggle. Others, after great difficulties, win through to victory, and have no need to return to this material plane.