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Consciousness Is neither Feminine nor Masculine – Gurumaa Thoughts on Gender Bias

Consciousness is neither feminine nor masculine. The gender bias is more for the anatomy and the physiology. It has nothing to do with the mind, it has nothing to do with the consciousness, and it has nothing to do with the energy. All these distinctions are only at the level of the body.

Both men and women experience ego, lust, greed, desire, pain, fear, despair, frustration, dejection, sadness and happiness in the same manner.

So, at the level of mind, there is no difference between a man and a woman; even at the level of mind, the differences are because of socio-conditioning. In socio-conditioning, a woman can believe that she is weak and a woman can also believe that she is strong and powerful.

Our identity is a false identity cultivated by family and society and we have adopted this identity as our true one. Therefore, what we think is actually borrowed thinking; what we feel is borrowed feeling.

Explore your true identity, not the false identity, then you would know that you are neither male nor female.

– Gurumaa

Meditation is not about doing something, but rather it is about doing nothing – Anandmurti Gurumaa