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A deep peace settles and tensions disappear after letting go – Dada J P Vaswani

There was a woman of ninety. She never felt upset over anything. She was never tensed, always serene and tranquil as the waters of a lake on a winless day, - always at peace with God, with those around her and with herself.

Someone asked her how she could be serene in all conditions and circumstances of life. She answered: - “I think it is because I become a little child every night.”

“What is meant by that?” she was asked.

She answered: - “Every night, I go to my silence corner. I look at my Beloved, Krishna. I place all my worries and anxieties and problems of the day, one by one, at his Lotus feet.

If I am guilty about something I have done, - I might have inadvertently hurt or caused grief to someone, - I ask for his forgiveness and then accept it. If I am worried about anything, I hand over the problems to him and let go of it. If I feel lonely or unwanted, I tell Him so and He enfolds me in His loving arms. Always, after letting go, a deep peace settles over me and tensions disappear.”
– Dada J P Vaswani