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Words of Advice – Swami Tapovanam

Never forget God, that is, even in the giddy whirl of daily duties remember Him without a break.
When as a result of long periods of Sadhanas, mind becomes clean, be sure realization of Self is not far.

It is a spiritual life every wise man desires, not a worldly one. The dog and the pig lead a sensuous life. Is it a sign of wisdom to run after a life of the senses? Certainly not.

The ignorant ones who pursue sensuous pleasures, alas know not, because of their ignorance, what a miserable life they are leading.

Discrimination is the result of commonsense.

On the fulfillment of a desire there is a sense of satisfaction. But the momentary pleasure is so mixed up with pain and sorrow that our ancient rishis consider it as poisoned, though dainty food.