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The term Brahman stands for the totality of Reality, physical and not physical – Swami Ranganathananda

Just as the different branches of the physical sciences are but different approaches to the study of one and the same reality; and just as all such branches of study ultimately tend to mingle and merge into a grand science of the physical universe, into a unified science of the without of nature, so the science of the ‘within’ and the science of the ‘without’ mingle and merge in a science of Brahman, the total Reality. This is how Vedanta views Brahma-vidya, the science of Brahman – the term Brahman standing for the totality of Reality, physical and not physical.

When the significance of this ‘within’ of things is recognized in modern science, the scientific “background material” will undergo a spiritual orientation and thus come closer to Brahman, the “background reality” of the Vedanta. The synthesis of the knowledge of the ‘within’ and the ‘without’ is philosophy; and it is what India achieved in her Vedanta ages ago as samyak-jnana, comprehensive or perfect knowledge of total Reality. Reality itself does not know any distinctions between a “within” and a “without.” These distinctions are made by the human mind for the convenience of study and research and the exigencies of daily life.
 – Swami Ranganathananda

Source - Human Being in Depth: A Scientific Approach to Religion By Swami Ranganathananda