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The mark of a truly spiritual man is tranquility – Sadhu Vaswani

Perfection is Siddhi. And Siddhi is not attained through external sanyasa (renunciation). By going away from the world to a forest or a mountain peak, you will not get siddhi.

Tranquility of mind is the secret of Siddhi. The test of a man of siddhi is two-fold
  1. He is a man of great discipline of tapasya, self-control; he has controlled his tastes and appetites.
  2. He has reached a state of self-annihilation, fanna. He has learnt the science of “killing the ego.”
Two of the ways to attain siddhi are:
  1. Negate the mind
  2. Negate the world
To lay the mind in tranquility, it is necessary to negate the world. A man of meditation should say to himself: Money, house, family, wife, sons, daughters, position, influence, honor, all these belong to maya, are impermanent: alone the Atman abides! This conviction should sink into the mind.

The man of meditation should see that he does not feel perturbed by the stream or currents of conflicting thoughts which pass through his mind. He should be like a sportsman and take things not too seriously. True meditation should make one joyous and radiant, vibrant and vital.

Negative thoughts are not helpful. However, to negate the world and the mind is a positive act of energy.

The mark of a truly spiritual man is tranquility, deep profound tranquility in mind. A truly spiritual man is undisturbed by events of life.

Source – The Bhagavad Gita: The Song of Life – Sadhu Vaswani – Page 121 and 122 – an explanation to Gita Chapter 3 verse 4.