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Subhadra in Mahabharat – Sister of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Wife of Arjuna

Subhadra in Mahabharat is the sister of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and wife of Arjuna. The Kuru race survived through her. When every family member of Pandavas and Kauravas were killed in the Kurukshetra war, it was through her grandson, Parikshit, that Kuru clan was saved from extinction.
Subhadra was the daughter of Vasudeva by his wife Devaki. He was the second wife of Arjuna. They had one valiant son named Abhimanyu. Parikshit was the son of Abhimanyu and Uttara.

Bhadra is another name of Subhadra.

Marriage of Subhadra

During his one-year pilgrimage period in the Mahabharat, Arjuna visited Dwaraka, the abode of Sri Krishna, as a learned recluse. Subhadra was given the task of looking after the young recluse. He narrated to her stories about the exploits of Arjuna. Subhadra fell in love with Arjuna of his narrations.

Finally, the young man had to reveal that he was Arjuna himself. Subhadra expressed her desire to marry Arjuna. However, it was difficult to convince Balarama, the elder brother of Sri Krishna.
A great festival of Yadavas was being held during the period. Arjuna with the consent of Sri Krishna took Subhadra away.

Balarama and Yadavas were ready to fight Arjuna but Sri Krishna pacified them. Later Bhagavan Sri Krishna got them married.