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Cherpu Bhagavathy Temple Ashwathy Vela Festival

Cherpu Bhagavathy Temple is located at Cherpu in Thrissur District in Kerala. The annual Vela festival is observed in Kumbham month. The annual Vela held in the shrine is an important festival. Cherpu Bhagavathy Temple Ashwathy Vela 2016 date is March 11.

Melam, traditional Kerala temple music with five instruments, is performed as part of the Vela. It attracts thousands of melam enthusiasts.

Caparisoned elephants are another attraction of the festival.

Vela is the celebration in certain temples in Thrissur and Palakkad District of Kerala after harvest season.

The utsava murti, or Thidambu, of Cherpu Bhagavathy Temple is taken atop a caparisoned elephant during the evening puja to the accompaniment of traditional temple music.

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